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    Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by - My name is Jeremy, a Toronto wedding photographer & photojournalist. is dedicated to creating some of the highest quality wedding works in Canada; focused on capturing gorgeous, fashion-forward images that not only tell the story of a wedding, but push the creative boundaries of the industry as a whole. From their engagement to their wedding day and beyond, it is here you will find the imagery of our clients, their families, and sometimes ourselves, as well.

    Enjoy your stay.

    - Jeremy Clay. Lead Photographer

Mel & Kev – Fashionably Modern, Intimate & Playful Engagement Photoshoot – Toronto

It seems like only a month ago our fair city’s temperature was scorching, the shirts were sleeveless, and the restaraunt patios were booming with business – where did our summer go??

My session with Mel & Kevin really takes me back to that not-very-long ago summer, which seems all too short in this city. We covered a lot of different concepts, she 1st shot was a request by our groom to be (I have no idea what a ‘Doctor Who’ is, for the record). Enjoy!

Kori & Matt – Lichtfuss Wedding

So if I’m going to be honest, I put the B&G’s last name in the blog title because it’s been a lot of hard work to make sure I spell it correctly – for some reason, I keep putting the Lichtfuss ‘T’ in all the wrong places, so this is a victory for me. Also, since I never even got a chance to blog their absolutely killer engagement session, I’ve attached one of my all time fav photos at the top of this post to go along with the wedding shoot. As always, a huge thanks to my secondary shooter Andy King, who came up huge and provided some of his best as well.


Included this because I love G’n’Fn’R.

For courage?

Pup looks to me for guidance.

In. Out. Repeat.

Coming down the aisle, Groom angle.

One of my favs in a long time.

We keep our photos pretty discrete, though sometimes some people catch us in the act;)

A few shots where they had a ‘first'; always love when a couple incorporate this kind of idea into a wedding.

3 generations.

Layering. Family holds each other close during the first dance.

Upper hand.

The boys rock out.

Totally reminded me of Ted Helms (Andy Bernard from The Office)

A lot of light at play.

Dad contains the tears.

Ladee Di - October 6, 2014 - 8:32 pm

What fabulous photos! It was a wonderful wedding, and a promising start to a lifetime of happiness. Love and best wishes always, AD and UP

Peter Hoondert - October 6, 2014 - 8:02 pm

Lovely wedding and beautiful pics.
All the best to you guys always.