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    Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by - My name is Jeremy, a Toronto wedding photographer & photojournalist. is dedicated to creating some of the highest quality wedding works in Canada; focused on capturing gorgeous, fashion-forward images that not only tell the story of a wedding, but push the creative boundaries of the industry as a whole. From their engagement to their wedding day and beyond, it is here you will find the imagery of our clients, their families, and sometimes ourselves, as well.

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    - Jeremy Clay. Lead Photographer

Michael and Lina – Marriage Extravaganza

Michael and Lina busted their butts to get to us for their engagement session – and, not a week later, we shot their wedding. As their e-session downtown was pretty darned impressive on it’s own, I didn’t think it fair to simply ammend this post with those shots; surely it will get it’s own post soon enough. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some of the breathtaking beauty and heartfelt emotion we took part in with Mike and Lina for their wedding in Toronto. Thanks to Andy K. for his assistance and excellent support shooting once again.

- JC

Stunning before the day even begins.

A shame I didn’t see anyone wearing this.


Small details.

Weddings are powerful things sometimes.

One of mavs in a long time.

A few candids while we waited for everyone to arrive on site for photos.

Boys relaxing.

So much intimacy.



Things started to rock. Hard.


Eric & Debbie – Wedding

Where to begin? Though we were hit with some of the strangest weather for Eric & Debbie’s wedding at the Miller Lash House – from dark foreboding clouds, to a brief downpour, then on to eventual sunny skies – never was their even a hint of stress shown from either of them. A calm, enjoyable day that flowed without a hitch, and was one of our favourites not even regarding working, but just to be in attendance at. Usually, such a day starts with the people at the helm and never was their a time when they weren’t just happy to be in the moment of the day – which really, when you strip away all of the flowers and frills, is what it is all about to begin with.

Please share and enjoy this look at Eric & Debbie’s wedding. Props to Mr. Vichi Tran and his stellar secondary shooter work.

In case Eric gets lost, return to Debbie.

No filters here, all morning sunlight.


One of my favourites from the day. It was a constant struggle of outdoor versus indoor, as rain constantly loomed. Here we see Eric with his eyes, once again, on the skies.

…and the same for Debbie.

Time to go.

A funny candid taken after family photos during a brief moment of downtime – organizing so many people can be tiring.

Conceptually, the shot was to have Debbie sit here almost like a sculpture in the garden.

Our wedding party for the day.

A quick look behind the scenes at the previous shot.


Adore this too.

Not your average cake cutting shot.

Christine & Jamie – Wedding

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t necessarily go according to plans – luckily, rain and cloud make for some of the best situations for wedding photographs, and this day was no different. Though I’m confident C&J could have pulled this off regardless of weather, it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who are so easygoing and all around happy people – it definitely makes our jobs that much easier. Have a look at some of their wedding preview shots below!  – Jeremy (Secondary Photographer – Andy King)

Flower girls need to prepare too.

Christine’s lovely ladies.


Flower girl = exhausting work.

Sealing the deal.

Though we hit a few patches of rain, *this* is how you handle with it and make stunning images.

I don’t usually post food shots, but…wow, these cupcakes..!

Mom & Dad look on.

The best MC I have heard at a wedding – and I have been to a LOT.

Characturists are excellent wedding gifts for guests.

I told Christine her dad looks just like an Asian version of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’. What do you think?