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    Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by - My name is Jeremy, a Toronto wedding photographer & photojournalist. is dedicated to creating some of the highest quality wedding works in Canada; focused on capturing gorgeous, fashion-forward images that not only tell the story of a wedding, but push the creative boundaries of the industry as a whole. From their engagement to their wedding day and beyond, it is here you will find the imagery of our clients, their families, and sometimes ourselves, as well.

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    - Jeremy Clay. Lead Photographer

Engagement photos in the Distillery District and Beyond With Irwin & Dorothy

Two blog posts in two weeks? What is this madness?! Since we shot Irwin & Dorothy’s pre-wedding photos in the Distillery District, I got to thinking about how important attire for these kind of shoots truly are. Certainly, a suit and tie aren’t required necessarily; however, a properly vetted outfit (with help from your photographer, naturally! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  never hurts in yielding the best possible results!

These lovely people are former Toronto mainstays; after moving overseas a while back, they booked us to shoot their pre-wedding photos in Toronto and flew a mere 10,000kms to do so…talk about pressure..! -_-;; Luckily, we knocked it out of the park and came up with some absolute magazine-ready imagery. Was an absolute blast working with you both!

Jason Smelser - August 25, 2015 - 3:12 am

Fabulous work as usual from you! I love your classy and high fashion style! Your images always have amazing lighting!

Toronto Wedding Photos (Well, GTA) With Old Friends & New

Well, then – what a long time it has been since I’ve put words to our blog! As much as I commit to keeping our site updated with every wedding we shoot, I am indeed failing miserably – between every weekend packed full of weddings to engagement photos in Toronto and area during the week, there’s little time left…not to mention we are planning the arrival of our first child in the next few months! Truly, I cannot even begin to explain what a whirlwind of a summer this has been already, and can’t imagine just how much busier it will still get.

This all being said, I thought it only fair to share a truly lovely wedding we shot recently for Cassie & Sean. After our bride and groom preperation, we had the pleasure to take their wedding photos at Trafalgar Castle School ; following that, a wedding ceremony and wedding photos at the Deer Creek Golf & Country Club.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cassie through a mutual friend from what seems like 100 years ago; in the planning stages for this wedding, it was a seamless process coordinating both their wants and expectations for the wedding photography while ensuring we did what we do best. Though a large wedding party can sometimes be a difficult task to keep organized, I can’t remember a time that such a large group of people was so in sync with a photoshoot and everything went flawlessly.

An excellent day and event we weere proud to cover. All the best to you both!



Editorial bridal shot. Fire.



Hard to take a bad photo of these ladies.

Gentlemen coverage by Momo.

First look.

Jessica Jones - August 5, 2015 - 8:57 am

Really nice snap, So awesome pics. I like all these pics. Thanks for sharing.
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